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We came, We saw, We Quacked Up!

Thanks to our amazing community of donors, our first-ever virtual fundraising event, the Pivotal Ducky Derby, was a smashing success! We registered 272 ducks and raised $25,000 for our foster youth programs! 

Duck Feet 2

Randy Transparent 2

"This was more than just a duck race! Win or lose, the Ducky Derby is about helping Silicon Valley’s foster youth get the support they need to get ahead in this world." 

- Randy Hahn, Voice of the San Jose Sharks and 2020 Pivotal Duck Derby MC 

Our Pivotal staff got in on the Ducky Derby action too! Check out some of their ducky names below! 


Thank you to all of our ducky participants! We hope you had a quack of a time! 

Alex Howard the Duck Quickity Quackity
Abby Hugo Rascal
Anika Graf I AM GROOT Ravi Dosanjh Chohan, RN
Aspen Jackie Reginald
Awww Shucky Ducky James Pond Release the Quacken
Bailey Java Renato
Bill Murray Joe Rhody
BISSELL Juvenile Correction Officer Mario Keener Ritz Quacker
Bobujas Nic-Quack-las Katy Moyes, RN River Duck
Butt Quack Lady MacQuack Rocky, The Italian Ducky
Canard Laffy Daffy Rubber
Carl Quinn Levi Running A-Foul!
Carl Quinn Jr. Lillia Sammie
Carl Quinn Sr. Lima Senor Bolt
Carolina Priceless Gems Lola Simba
Carolyn Gannon Looney Duck Sir Ducks A Lot
Cheese and Quackers Lori Sir Fluffy
Cheeto Lucky Duck Leo Sir Francis Drake
Chloe Lucky Ducky Sir Quackalicious
Code Quacker Lulu Duck Sir Quacks A Lot
Conduck MacDuck SKYLINE
Conduck-ted Magellan Sophie
Count Quackula Marc Speedy
Curtis Marilyn Supreme Commander
Dad's Ultimate Duck Marnie Sweet Sailor
Daisy D! Melanie Team Firequackers
Dark Wing Duck Melvin The Lucky Ducky
Derek Miley The Quacky Sack
Dip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah Milou There Once was a Ducky...
Don Quackote  Mischa Tivali Tiger
Dono Bono Mitra Tom Fandre
Downtown Ducky Mo Turbo
Dr. Adrienne Polishook Tuch Moby Duck Un'anatra Finta
Dr. Andrew Prodromou Moby-Duck Veronica
Dr. Chad Rammohan Moe Viking
Dr. Rita Mistry Mother Ducker VLC Quackery
Dr. Sunita Mistry Mr. Cootie Watson
Dr. Vanita Mistry Mrs. Quackers Whacky Quacky
Drake Ms. Ledecky What's Up Duck
Dreamy Ducky Nahla Woody
Drew Nancy Helga You Quack Me Up
Duck Duck  Naomi You Quack Me Up! 
Duck Duck Go Nat Zero Duck Thirty
Duck It Nepal Duck Dodgers
Duck Norris Noodle Duckinator
Duck Soup O-Reginald Float On
Duck Taylor Oscar Elsa Duckie
DuckHappy Owen Olav Duckie
Duckleberry Finn Parity Ana Duckie
Ducky Boy Paul Christoph Duckie
Ducky Fuzz Penny Stefania Duck
Ducky Momo Petey Lil' Duck
Elisa Phelps Duck n' Cover
Finn Phoenix The Duck  Uncle duck
Fire Quacker PJ Daddy duck
Fits the Bill Pond Solo Michael duck
Franklin Street GlobeQuackers Puddles Rainy duck
Fred Purple Duck Cody duck
Full Tilt Quack Black Rachael duck
Fuzzy Duck Quack Nicholas Nick duck
Goose Quack of Dawn Summy duck
Hale Duck Quack Sparrow Joyce’s duck
Hitchcock Quacker Jack Grumpy duck
  Quacktin Tarantino