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Welcome to Pivotal – our new name for the next chapter of our organization’s story.

You may know us for our work as Silicon Valley Children’s Fund – or perhaps you knew us as TeenForce – but now, you can just call us Pivotal.

Pivotal is so much more than just a new name and logo. We are at a Pivotal time in our history, where we can really deepen our work and scale our impact to serve more young people in and from foster care.

This is also a Pivotal time for the whole Silicon Valley Community. If we come together, we can provide the right opportunities to the most vulnerable kids in our community. We’re at the leading edge of a long-term vision to change the system and hold it accountable to tracking outcomes and measuring our students’ progress well into the future. In partnership with other leaders, Pivotal is ensuring that our community holds everyone to a higher standard for these kids.

By improving the education and employment experiences our students need to get ahead, we are creating a more equitable world in which they can thrive. And, we’re filling a pivotal need for our business partners, providing them with talented employees now and in the future.

But most importantly, this is a pivotal moment for our youth. They can’t afford for us to sit back and wait for things to change. They need us now.

We are deepening our services to offer BOTH education and employment support to more than 500 local foster youth – and we’re building momentum as an organization to reach more than 800 foster youth by 2023.

But we won’t get there alone. We need to connect with even more people in our community. Check out the “Get Involved” section of this website to find out how you can play a role in our young peoples’ lives. Together, we are Pivotal.

With gratitude,

Elise Cutini, CEO