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Volunteer to send a care package and help remind foster youth in high school and college that you believe in their potential and are rooting for their success! Our next round of scholar packages will occur Fall 2022. Please sign up to express your interest and we will get in touch!


Send Them Some Love

High school and college life can be exciting and overwhelming all at the same time. Many of us had a parent to lean on in challenging times. Since most foster youth don’t have the same level of support from family, Pivotal is inviting you to help bridge that gap.

How it works.


Step 1

You sign up by completing the brief form below.


Step 2

We send you a Pivotal tote bag, and a student’s “about me” page with info about their favorite things – like candy, snacks, activities, and more. 


Step 3

You go shopping! We encourage you to pick a few things from their list and be creative with a little something extra, if you like. Volunteers typically spend $40-$100 per care package.


Step 4

You write a note of encouragement to the student - send a cheerful message of support so they know they're not alone. 


Step 5

Include a $16 donation to cover the cost of shipping the care package. Or, simply make a $16 donation online and write “care package” in the notes field.


Step 6

When your items and note are ready, place everything in your Pivotal tote bag and follow the instructions below for your group. Our staff will box everything up and get it shipped off to your scholar. 

P-Step5 copy

Host a Care Package Drive

Can you think of friends, coworkers, mom’s groups, book clubs, or anyone else who might like to brighten the day of someone in foster care? You could host a Care Package Drive. All you need is a group large enough to provide at least 10 care packages for foster youth in high school or college, and someone to serve as the group coordinator. Use the form below to let us know your group is interested.  



Please provide your contact information and we will send you a Pivotal tote bag with some information about a scholar so you can create a package that they will love.

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Email Priya Mistry or call at 408.484.6210 with any questions or concerns.

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Not quite ready to volunteer?  You can support our work by making a donation instead.