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20-year old Silicon Valley non-profit looks to the future with new brand and campaign.

SAN JOSE, Calif. – November 13, 2018 – Silicon Valley Children’s Fund and TeenForce announced today their new brand, Pivotal.  With the new name and brand, comes a new vision for success. Pivotal – a name chosen to highlight its role in the lives of the foster youth it serves - has its eyes set on meeting the educational and employment needs of at least 80% of the foster youth in Silicon Valley by 2023.

Its ‘This is Pivotal’ online campaign, which was launched on the same day as the new brand, is designed to raise public awareness for foster youth, and give a nod to the sense of urgency with which its dedicated staff works to provides services to young people during the most critical – or pivotal – time in their lives.

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Silicon Valley Children's Fund and TeenForce to merge

Two leading non-profits unite to address the education and employment crisis facing foster youth

Silicon Valley Children’s Fund (SVCF) and TeenForce announced today that they will merge to form a powerful organization committed to providing ten years of education and employment support to all foster youth ages 14-24 in Silicon Valley. The merger comes at a critical time. Only 3% of foster youth graduate from college and 75% have little to no work experience by age 18. Without the right supports in place, 40% of foster youth will experience homelessness within 18 months of emancipating from foster care.

“Every decision we make is driven by the needs of our foster youth. When the students we serve tell us that education alone isn’t enough, we look for innovative ways to bridge the gap to employment. That’s why this merger between SVCF and TeenForce makes so much sense,” said Elise Cutini, CEO of SVCF.

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