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We provide academic and employment support to current and former foster youth in Santa Clara County starting in 8th grade and San Mateo County starting in the 9th grade. 

To qualify for services, youth must have been in foster care at least 1 day past their 13th birthday.

  • Current and former foster youth from Santa Clara County and San Mateo County, including those in guardianship or KinGap care established by the dependency court, get support in high school and through college, wherever they go to school. 

To qualify for services, youth must also:

  • Be ready to work 1:1 with a caring coach who will help them to discover their passions and guide them in finding the right career
  • Be ready to be his or her best self in school and work


Submitting a referral doesn't mean you've committed anyone to work with us. We'll get back to you to answer any questions you may have. Then, you get to decide if you'd like to work with us.