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Your tax-deductible contributions help our youth go from struggle mode to success. Our young people are working hard to defy the odds. By donating today, you help us knock down the barriers that stand in their way.


Donate Now

Cash Donations

Tax Benefit: Cash donations are the simplest way to give, and they are typically fully deductible, up to a certain percentage of your adjusted gross income (AGI). The specific limit may vary depending on tax laws.

- Keep detailed records, including receipts, for all cash donations.
- Be aware of any changes in tax laws that may affect the deduction limit.
- Mail checks to Pivotal at P.O. Box 5040 San Jose, CA 95150 or give online at our Donate Page.

Donor Advised Funds

Tax Benefit: Contributing to a Donor-Advised Fund allows you to take an immediate tax deduction when you make the contribution, even if you haven't decided on specific nonprofit organizations to support. Once the funds are in the DAF, they can be invested and grow tax-free.

- Research DAF providers to find one with low fees.
- Be mindful of the restrictions on making grants from your DAF.

Appreciated Securities

Tax Benefit: Donating appreciated stocks, bonds, or mutual funds can provide significant tax benefits. You can avoid capital gains tax on the appreciated value and receive a deduction for the fair market value of the assets. 

- Consult with a financial advisor to identify suitable assets for donation. 
- Ensure the charity can accept securities 


Questions? Email or call us at 408.708.1871 


Tax Benefit: In general, there is an unlimited deduction of charitable bequests against the value of an estate, making it a powerful tool for reducing estate tax. It is possible for an estate to deduct charitable bequests of not only cash but also property such as real estate, stock, IRAs, autos, and other assets.

- Work with an attorney experienced in estate planning to establish a will or trust. 
- If you include Pivotal in your estate plans, please use our legal name and federal tax ID:

Legal Name: Pivotal Connections
PO Box 26835
San Jose, CA 95159
Federal Tax ID: 77-0166138

For an in-depth, printable version of our Giving Guide and even more ways to give, please click below!