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There are many services and resources out there for young people from foster care. We focus on employment and education. When you need a service that's not within our expertise, we'll connect you to the right place or person. 


"No matter what I do, I can’t seem to pass my math test. I must be stupid."

Nope, sounds like you just need some tutoring. Moving from one placement to another, getting used to a new family and school is really, really hard. That’s probably what’s caused you to fall behind in math. This happens a lot, and there are ways to catch up!  Our coaches will set you up with kind and professional tutors who are really knowledgeable in every subject you need help with. They'll present material in different ways until you get it.


"I think college could be good for me, because I hear college graduates make more money. But, I don’t even know where to start!"

Don’t worry! Lots of kids - even non-foster youth - have this question! We have Pivotal coaches at every community college campus in Silicon Valley. They know exactly how to help you figure out your path! If you’re itching to learn more about different options to attend college, check out California College Pathways or Opportunity Youth Academy


"No way I can afford college. I’m barely getting by as is."

Yup, college is definitely expensive. But did you know that as a young person from foster care, you are eligible to receive the maximum federal financial aid? Our coaches will help you fill out the FAFSA (Federal Aid Financial Student Application) and also look for other scholarships you may qualify for. Check out Financial Aid Guide for California Foster Youth



"I'm studying business. How can I get a job where I use the skills I'm learning in school?"

Glad you asked! We comb through all of Silicon Valley to find employers who are ready to share their space and time with motivated young people. We'll prepare you with the basics of working in an office, like how to behave around career professionals and teach you to use workplace software like Microsoft Suite as well as copy machines, scanners, and network phones. 


"I keep hearing from other students that they are doing internships. What’s an internship and how do I get one?"

Internships are opportunities to work in a company or organization in order to gain work experience or satisfy a school requirement. At Pivotal, you can actually get paid to earn experience, becuase all our internships are PAID nternships! We'll do the legwork of finding you an employer whose job and office environment match your passions, interests, and skills. 



"What if I’m just looking for general support that’s not about school or a job?"

We recommend you visit The Hub. It's a drop-in community center here in San Jose that's focused on helping current and former foster youth, ages 15-24. At The Hub, you can receive health counseling, attend educational workshops, and there's free access to food, laundry, computers and shower services.

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