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Young people from foster care often struggle in school and the workplace. While they dream of brighter futures, on a national level, 50% drop out of high school and most never make it to college.

We help them stop struggling and start achieving.   

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Our direct service work focuses on education and employment.



Pivotal coaches inspire youth to be their best. They masterfully guide youth to discover their passions, identify their strengths, and set goals for their future. Our coaches are experts at building resiliency in students who have experienced childhood trauma. They are highly trained and know everything there is to know about foster care and the unique set of rights that these young people are entitled to.



Our youth deserve to participate in opportunities that expose them to life beyond the foster care system. In our flagship STEM program, high school students learn gaming, coding, and robotics from technology professionals in Silicon Valley. Organized peer activities like college campus visits, field trips, and our Youth Advisory Board develop our youth into confident student leaders. And, our professional development workshops teach youth valuable job seeking skills like resume writing, interview practice, and business communications.  



We know that young people from foster care don’t have the same access to resources and opportunity as other kids. Our college scholarships provide additional funds to help offset tuition and living expenses. We provide private tutors to fill in academic gaps. We open doors to jobs and internships in high-profile firms to expand their professional network and expose them to the business world, starting as early as 9th grade. And when youth need resources beyond the scope of our practice, we refer them to our trusted partners. 



We bring the community together to change the system for good.



Our executives work alongside community leaders who recognize the shortfalls of the foster care system and are ready to create change. Together with the Santa Clara Department of Family and Children's Services and the County Office of Education, Pivotal co-chairs an exciting collective impact initiative called the Foster Youth Aligned Action Network.  This effort is designed to bring the entire community together to improve communication and accountability across government agencies. 


Our partnerships with companies in Silicon Valley give young people from foster care a leg up in career readiness. Pivotal scholars are as capable of success as their peers but lack access to a professional network that gets their foot in the door. Our employment partners are committed to helping our young people see what it's like to work in real offices with real professionals and real responsibilities. 



We partner with high schools, community colleges, and universities to help them better meet the unique needs of the foster youth on their campuses. Our knowledgeable staff work on-site at many local campuses so they can be accessible to youth and connect them to the resources specific to their schools. We regularly convene the Foster Youth Success Initiative campus liaisons to discuss issues, share best practices, and coordinate services for the young scholars in our program.

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