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Our coaches are part ninjas and part walking encyclopedias. They know the ins and outs of what it means to be in foster care, what type of help youth need to get through high school and college, and how to find jobs that match their interests, skills, and career goals.  


Expert coaches.

Pivotal coaches are masters at igniting the spark that motivates each youth to plan for their future. 

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The Pivotal Path™

The Pivotal Path is an individualized journey to success that’s tailored to each person’s talents, interests, motivation, and goals.

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Knowing that someone’s got your back can really change the path you take.

Pivotal Scholar


Coaching in high school.

Our high school coaches help youth complete their school requirements so they can graduate from high school on time. They also help with career exploration and college applications. 

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Coaching after high school.

Our post-secondary coaches help youth navigate the transition into college and adulthood by connecting them to the right resources, like tutoring, summer internships, and job opportunities. 

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Read about how we support our scholars' education through college scholarships.