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Corporate Engagement Opportunities

Young people end up in foster care for a variety of reasons they have no control over. For companies looking to make a significant and positive impact in the lives of young people from foster care, Pivotal offers Corporate Partnership opportunities at a variety of levels. 

Pivotal Partner Summary

Ready to make a Pivotal difference? You can become a Pivotal Partner by taking part in one activity in two of the focus areas listed below: 


  • Host a professional development workshop
  • Meet with a scholar (in-person or virtually) for a career informational interivew 
  • Run a holiday gift drive 
  • Sponsor high school scholars to celebrate prom or other milestones activities.
  • Much more!


  • Host or sponsor a paid summer internship 
  • Provide grant funding to support Pivotal scholarships and programs 
  • Sponsor a Pivotal Scholar event OR our National Foster Care Month awareness campaign 
  • Much more! 


These levels are available for each community or scholar event listed.




Tabling Banner Corp



Host a booth to share opportunities and connect with young people from foster care.

We are looking for partners to host a recruitment or information booth at the Foster Youth Success Initiative (FYSI) Resource Fair. The upcoming event is designed as a safe and collaborative environment, dedicated to providing scholars with valuable information, access to essential resources, and opportunities to forge meaningful connections with their peers and the broader community. More than just an event, it promises to be a unifying force within the FYSI network, serving as a commitment for purpose and connection among scholars who are navigating the complexities of the foster care system.

The FYSI approach is rooted in a shared focus and vision, prioritizing simplicity to ensure accessibility and effectiveness while also upholding the vital importance of honoring the voices and perspectives of youth. 

Frankie Holiday Gift Drive Banner


Show Pivotal scholars that there's a community that wants to see them succeed.

This year Pivotal is excited to share that Pivotal alumna, Theresa, has spearheaded a special holiday drive to encourage corporate, community and individual partners to help teens and college students who grew up in foster care feel the love and encouragement that she experienced as a Pivotal scholar.

You can work with the Pivotal team to build a personalized holiday drive page where there is a top-ten holiday wish list from scholars. Employees can drop off the gifts or purchase them online. Upon request, Theresa would be happy to come speak to employees about the impact they are helping make possible at a drop-off or holiday company event.   

PRC Banner


Join the PRC and help expand our network of internship hosts. 

Pivotal provides academic and career readiness support for foster youth so they can create the life they want for themselves. As a leader in Silicon Valley, we invite you to be part of an exciting new initiative to support young people from foster care. 

Studies show that by age 24, the only foster youth who earn wages near the national average are those who had a job while in the foster care system. To make sure we get our scholars on the road to career success, Pivotal aims to provide internship opportunities to young professionals that match their interests while providing valuable, hands-on experience. 

Workshops Banner


Give Pivotal scholars the tools they need. 

Work with our Pivotal programs team to create a curriculum and timeline for financial literacy and career readiness training sessions for our scholars. We are looking for multiple sessions over the year to help our post-secondary students prepare for summer internships and eventual career success.  

Workshop topics include: Budgeting Skills, Credit Management, Savings and Banking, Understanding Employment Benefits, Taxes 101, and more. 

Informational Interview Banner


Share your professional experience and support a Pivotal scholar's career journey. 

So many of our scholars are only aware of the 3-mile radius that surrounds them. Silicon Valley offers so many opportunities and we want to help our scholars find a rewarding career path where they can thrive. As part of the Career Readiness programming, we are seeking professionals who can provide informational interviews for a scholar interested in their field of study or profession. Interested volunteers will be added to our roster and Pivotal will reach out when a potential match is made. 

Resume Support Banner


Help our scholars craft a resume that highlights their strengths and unique perspectives. 

We're seeking dedicated volunteers to join our team and provide valuable support to Pivotal's next generation of professionals. Your expertise in resume review is needed for 1:1 sessions where you can offer personalized guidance, constructive feedback to help individuals enhance their resumes, and improve their career prospects. Time commitments are flexible and 1:1 sessions can be conducted over a combination of email exchanges and 30-minute Zoom calls. Join us in making a meaningful impact on someone's journey towards their future career! 

Mock Interview Banner


Help our scholars hone their interview skills.

For many, the job interview process can be intimidating. Understanding how to highlight strengths and anticipate common interview questions can make all the difference. Volunteers participate in mock interviews, offering feedback and advice to help scholars ace their next interview. Interested volunteers will be added to our roster and Pivotal will reach out when a potential match is made. 

Career Video Library Banner


Help our scholars craft a resume that highlights their strengths and unique perspectives. 

To complement our in-person informational interviews, Pivotal is also building a library of short videos that professionals can provide where they discuss their career path, current work, and any lessons they have learned. Share your experiences in a video once and help Pivotal scholars for years to come. This can also be an interactive group teambuilding activity where colleagues interview one another. The Pivotal team will provide prompts for the interviews and will be happy to coordinate with your team. 

Job Shadowing Banner


Provide a dynamic and interactive experience that plays a pivotal role in shaping scholar futures. 

Job shadowing can be a valuable way to make informed career decisions, gain inspiration, and build a network of contacts in a chosen field. It's especially beneficial for individuals from foster care, who often face challenges in accessing career opportunities due to disrupted family environments and limited support systems. 

By sharing your experiences and the realities of the professional world, you empower our scholars to make informed career decisions, set realistic goals, and navigate the challenges of their chosen fields. 

Sponsor a HS Student Banner


Help provide a well-rounded high school experience for our scholars.

At Pivotal, we're all about education, but we also believe in the power of opportunity, support, and community to transform the lives of foster youth. Our high school scholar sponsorship program is designed to provide foster youth with the chance to participate in extra-curricular activities that many of us may take for granted. 

Extra-curricular activities such as sports, field trips, and school dances are pivotal in a student's social and personal development. They create a sense of belonging, boost self-esteem, and promote inclusion. By helping our youth participate in these activities, you contribute to creating a more inclusive and equitable educational experience and open doors to opportunities they might not have otherwise had.

Scholar success kits banner


Encourage academic success. 

College can be an intimidating place, especially for those who may have faced hardships and instability in their lives. College gear, such as t-shirts or hoodies,  helps incoming college students feel like they belong, giving them a sense of identity and pride. As they transition into this new stage of their lives, many foster youth may grapple with self-doubt. Receiving college swag can boost their confidence and remind them that they are just as deserving of a college education as anyone else. It's a tangible symbol of their achievements and potential.

m tech banner


Bridge the digital divide. 

Many foster youth face the digital divide, limiting their access to technology and online resources. Your donation helps bridge this gap, ensuring that our foster youth can participate in online learning, research, and skill-building. Your contribution is more than just technology; it's a catalyst for positive change in the lives of foster youth. It empowers them with the tools and resources they need to overcome challenges, pursue education, and embark on a path to a successful and fulfilling life.


These levels are available for each community or scholar event listed.


Holiday party Banner


Spread some holiday cheer for foster youth

The holidays can be challenging for foster youth; many can’t celebrate with their parents and siblings. Every year Pivotal hosts a holiday party for our scholars to spread cheer, laughter, and joy. At this event, students celebrate with their coaches and foster youth peers – their Pivotal family. 

The Pivotal Holiday Party changes location from year to year. We always find a location that is family-friendly and welcome parenting scholars to bring their own children. It’s a great way for our scholars to celebrate their accomplishments for the year and for volunteers to assist with meaningful activities that bring joy to all ages. 

National Foster Care month ribbon banner


Help raise awareness about the foster care cause in our community.

May is National Foster Care Month and our annual community event brings to light the challenges faced by young people in and from foster care and help amplify their voices by partnering with our scholars to share their experiences with the partners, donors, and supporters in our community. 

At the event, we will also honor the recipient of the 2024 Elise Cutini Hope & Opportunity (ECHO) Award, which recognizes an individual or organization who has changed the odds for kids living in the foster care system. This award brings awareness to the work being done by committed change-makers in our community. 

Pivotal EOY party banner


Celebrating milestones that will help scholars achieve their dreams.

At the end of each academic year, we celebrate our scholars' accomplishments with a celebration. At this event, we recognize our high school and college graduates, celebrate students who are transferring from community college to university, and recognize all our scholars for making it a step closer to their goals.   

All our high school graduates are given a brand-new laptop at this event. This is especially critical as graduating seniors are typically asked to return their school-issued devices at the close of the school year.  Additionally, we announce two Pivotal awards: one for academic perseverance and a second highlighting a scholar who goes above and beyond to support their community. It’s an evening of inspiration, an opportunity for the Pivotal community to celebrate our scholars, and best of all, a way for our scholars to celebrate one another’s accomplishments, big and small.