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The Internship Pivot


Phones are buzzing. Spreadsheets are being updated. Excitement is building for what’s to come this summer! It’s one of the most wonderful times of the year here at Pivotal -- the months where we find and lock down dream internships for our scholars.

In case you can’t tell, we’re pretty jazzed about it! Frankly, it’s the enthusiasm and joy we see on our scholar’s faces that gets us out of bed in the morning, particularly when they learn a Pivotal internship means working alongside experts in graphic design, zoology, healthcare, and other exciting fields...

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Announcing Pivotal's Professional Badging Program!

Growing into adulthood and navigating through new financial and career challenges is stressful! We’ve all struggled at some point to file taxes or address workplace conflict. Heck, it’s not easy! And because we are aware of the extra challenges current and former foster youth face, here at Pivotal we’re always thinking of new ways to help our scholars set the foundation for long-term success. 

Ensuring students have access to social capital, networks, and career...

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Internship Decca for Blog

The Impact of Internships

You’ve probably heard the saying that landing a job is all about who you know. Networking reigns supreme – but for many foster youth, having the right connections doesn’t happen without a parent’s network to lean on. Securing a college internship is no different, especially in the ultra-competitive Silicon Valley job market. That’s why we’re turning to you -- our community of supporters -- to help connect us to companies and businesses interested in hosting...

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How the Shadow's Edge Game Helped Young People in Foster Care Discover Their Inner Strength

We are so excited to share this guest blog from Megan Eaton, who is Manager of Enrichment Services over at Pivotal - an amazing nonprofit that helps those in the foster youth community by providing education and employment support so they can graduate high school and college and achieve their dreams for success. With over 400,000 kids in foster care, and with those kids not always getting the support they need to succeed, this organization is absolutely pivotal and deserves the highest of...

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3 Inspiring Women We're Honoring this Black History Month

Black History Month is both a time to celebrate and honor the accomplishments of Black Americans as well as reflect on the inequities and injustices plaguing our country. At Pivotal, we continue to be amazed and inspired by the Black leaders within our Pivotal family who use their voices to educate communities about the Black foster youth experience. Three incredible Black women we’re celebrating this month are Dr. Kizzy Lopez, Sadé A. Daniels, and Shalita O’Neale.


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The Meaning of a Care Package

It’s that time of year -- the smell of roses are in the air and the sound of jewelry jingles surround us. It’s time to spread the love -- but not only on Valentine’s Day and not only to your sweetie! 

The college and high school experience has been overwhelming for many young people this past year. While clinging to the support of family during difficult times is second nature to most, many foster youth simply don’t have that luxury. 

There’s nothing...

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The Family I Never Had

By: McArthur H., Pivotal Alumnus


“In my darkest moments, Pivotal has given me a sense of belonging. They are the family that I never had.” 

When I met Pivotal, I was later on in my life, and in my third attempt to pursue a college degree. Despite the challenges Id faced as a foster youth, I promised myself one thing: That no matter what, I’d get myself to a 4- year university. It was a tough time for me, though. Over...

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Designing my Own Path

By Sarai Mateo, Pivotal Scholar and Summer 2020 Intern

About three years ago, I was introduced to Pivotal while studying at Gavilan College in Gilroy. Right now, I am majoring in Digital Media and planning to transfer to San Jose State University next fall. My goal after graduating is to work in digital design for a Bay Area company or as an animator for a company like Pixar. I was counting on a 2020 summer internship to build my graphic design work experience, and Covid-19 almost changed...

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A Force for Good

By Melissa Johns, Executive Vice President

In this season of gratitude, Pivotal can’t miss out on the opportunity to give a very loud shout out to our friends in the Junior League of San Jose. Its members are incredible women whose service in the community epitomizes voluntarism at its finest. Since the moment this group made the decision in 2016 to prioritize the success of transition age foster youth – there’s been no stopping them as a force for good.

Throughout the past...

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Our Newest Coach Addition!

By Christine Salinas, Managers of Grants and Communications

We love boasting about our fantastic staff members, and we’re thrilled to introduce Katrina Largusa, MSW, as a new member of our coaching team! Coach Katrina served as a Pivotal intern coach during the 2018-2019 academic year and joined us in 2020 as our San Mateo County High School Coach.

Katrina’s personal experience as a sibling to two youth adopted through Alameda County foster care inspired her to pursue a social...

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Announcing our 2020 Master of Change Winner: Emilio Perdomo

After reviewing more than 50 nominations submitted by current and former foster youth, we are thrilled to announce that Emilio Perdomo is our 2020 Master of Change Award Winner! 


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Exported Ngonzo

Brothers in Arms

Like so many college students, brothers John and Nemi Ngonzo were concerned that the Covid-19 pandemic would affect their ability to secure a summer internship in Summer 2020. As it turned out, three Pivotal internship partners stepped up to provide John and Nemi with three incredible virtual internship experiences! 

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