We asked several people: What would you do if the CEO of Paypal, one of the world’s most valuable brands, gave you a check for $125,000?

[They said] Scream. Jump up and down. High-five your neighbors. Celebrate!

We’re proud to announce that last week PayPal announced it would award Pivotal a grant in the amount of $125,000 to help us fight the good fight and provide high school and college-aged foster youth in Santa Clara County with more opportunities to achieve their career goals.

After all, we all know that public-private partnerships are pivotal to strengthening and growing our local communities. And when it comes to showing others how it’s done, PayPal is on top of it. Their 35 global Give teams actively promote the health and inclusivity of the communities where their employees live and work, through philanthropic grants, volunteer activities, fundraisers and drives, and green initiatives.

With PayPal’s help, we can keep helping foster youth graduate from high school and college, prepare for professional jobs, and reach a life of self-sufficiency. When we say that we help foster youth determine their own path, we mean it. And now, with PayPal’s help, we’re on our way.