Have you ever wondered how successful brands like PayPal, Best Buy, and American Express measure their customers’ loyalty and satisfaction?  

They rely on something called the Net Promoter Score, a powerful metric that helps big brands “listen to their customers” by calculating their willingness to recommend the company’s products or services to others. The NPS is measured by calculating the percentage of detractors from the percentage of promoters of the product and it provides valuable feedback that’s sometimes used to shift brand strategy. While it’s used primarily in the for-profit world to evaluate customer satisfaction, nonprofits would do well to engage in this type of behavior too.

Being a youth-led organization means we value our young people’s goals, perceptions, and experiences. To do right by them, we consistently evaluate each of our programs’ compatibilities to ensure they align with our youths’ school needs and life circumstances. Sometimes collecting this feedback from busy high school and college students can be a real challenge.

That’s why we’re grateful to the Fund for Shared Insight’s Listen for Good grant, which offers us the financial backing to implement a more advanced survey system of our youth’s experiences with Pivotal.  The grant helped us think of better ways to ask and collect feedback as well as an opportunity to share the feedback with students.

Like the for-profit brands, we wanted to know, would our customers promote Pivotal services to other foster youth?  

The answer is yes. Each year, we survey our scholars about their interactions with coaches as well as their overall satisfaction with our STEM courses and Professional Development Workshops. Once our data collection is complete, we close the feedback loop by sharing results with students and present solutions that we believe will increase their customer satisfaction.  They are thrilled to know their voices matter.

We’re excited to integrate the Net Promoter Score as a valuable analysis tool that enhances the quality of services we deliver to foster youth. Pivotal’s priority is and always will be to listen to our youth so we can evolve our programs and strategies to meet their needs, and ensure our organizational resources are used in the most impactful ways.