We are thrilled to announce that the KLA Foundation has pledged $300,000 over the next three years to fund Pivotal’s High School Coaching program! In California, only 46% of young people in foster care graduate from high school, and nationally, just 4% earn a bachelor’s degree. We work to make an impact on these alarming numbers through our High School Coaching Program, where, on average, 74% of participants earn high school diplomas and 77% go on to post-secondary education. The grant from KLA Foundation will make a significant impact by helping hundreds of young people graduate from high school and succeed in life. In the 2022-23 academic year, Pivotal served 535 youth in foster care from Santa Clara and San Mateo counties, and in 2023, we plan to expand coaching services to high school students in Alameda County.  

A typical foster youth changes schools as many as eight times while in care, and these frequent transitions, coupled with the trauma every young person in foster care is dealing with, often means they struggle to focus on education,” says Pivotal CEO, Matt Bell. “Pivotal coaches work with each student individually, focusing on their specific needs as they progress through their academic journey. We don’t tell our students what to do; instead, we listen to what they want for their future and help them find a path to get there.” 

The one-on-one coaching programs are at the heart of Pivotal’s work. Coaches meet regularly with scholars to check on progress against their goals, identify and address barriers to success and support the development of key success skills. They also offer guidance on advanced education – helping young people arrange college tours, apply to schools, and find financial aid – and monitor their overall well-being. Our coaches collaborate with social workers, caregivers, treatment professionals, and others to ensure a unified vision and continuity of service.  

“KLA Foundation’s grant will go directly toward our coaching program to help students in foster homes get the resources they need to finish high school and, if they choose, enter college,” Matt says.  

We are so grateful for the KLA Foundation’s support and commitment to supporting foster youth in the years to come. 

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