As the days get warmer and the school year comes to an end, many students are taking the summer to relax and unwind. But for our Pivotal scholars, June means it’s time to get ready for summer internships. Our foster youth scholars love the Pivotal Internship Program which gives them hands-on professional experience that aligns with their career goals and allows them to earn some money over the summer months. And it’s a win-win - Silicon Valley employers who choose a Pivotal intern get talented and dedicated interns, and some interns even become their next loyal, all-star employees!


To help our interns prepare for their new internships, Macy’s Oakridge made a generous donation, which included gift cards for our interns to buy professional attire! Macy’s invited us to an in-store event where two of our new interns spoke about their experiences with Pivotal and got expert help shopping so they can truly dress for success. Huge thanks to Macy's for being so welcoming and generous! As you can see from the video, our scholars had a wonderful time trying on all the different options! 

This year, our scholars are interning at tech companies, marketing and design agencies, non-profits, and more. Here’s what David Preston, Senior Data Scientist at HP, said about his Pivotal intern, who eventually became a full-time employee:

“Pivotal introduced us to a bright, determined, kind student named Fiston.  Fiston was our commercial marketing data specialist in his internship role.  Fiston did so well that he is now a full-time employee here at HP.  I would highly recommend the Pivotal program to prospective employers; there is true value in the cause they represent, and they support the students in navigating the complex systems of the corporate world.  This experience was beneficial to both Fiston and to us.  Fiston brought a new perspective to solving business problems and he is now a valuable member of our workforce.”

You can help our interns and all our Pivotal scholars today! This month, as part of the Pivotal Spring 2020 Campaign we’re asking you to help us raise $200,000 as part of our Spring Fundraising Campaign. With your help, we can make sure every foster youth we serve has the resources and support they need to build the life they want for themselves – so donate today!