We are honored to be awarded a $500,000, multi-year grant from Sobrato Philanthropies to support our programs. One of Pivotal’s most steadfast supporters, Sobrato has given over $2.5 million in funding since Pivotal’s founding. Sobrato has provided funding for our post-secondary programs, emergency assistance fund, and general operations to help us continue to grow our work. 

“We support Pivotal because they see foster youth as whole humans and create conditions that enable these young people to craft the life they want,” says Hana Ma, Senior Program Officer at Sobrato Philanthropies. “By combining direct service and policy advocacy, Pivotal partners with schools, counties, and other nonprofits to help break down systemic barriers that inhibit foster youth from achieving economic mobility in Silicon Valley and beyond.”. 

In the 2021-22 school year, 22% of foster youth students in California dropped out of high school compared to 8% of non-foster students and only 61% graduated compared to 87% of non-foster students. While 94% of foster youth report that they’d like to attend college, only about 10% actually earn a bachelor’s degree.  

The Sobrato funding will make a significant impact, helping more young people from foster care graduate high school, matriculate into post-secondary programs, earn a college degree, and gain crucial professional development experience through internships. 

“Our goal is to support and guide foster youth to help them become self-sufficient and thrive,” says Matt Bell, Pivotal CEO. “Our program is unique because we tailor our services based on what each and every scholar needs. We don't tell our young people what they should do, or what their goals should be. Instead, we listen to what they want for their lives, and help them build a path to get there. By investing in the education and future of foster youth now, we – and Sobrato Philanthropies -- know we can make a significant impact on their lives.” 

We are deeply grateful to Sobrato Philanthropies for recognizing the importance of helping our scholars succeed and for providing us with consistent support over the years.