by Marilyn Rogers and Christine Salinas

For most college students, finals can create a lot of stress and anxiety. Receiving a fun package in the mail, a timely phone call or an encouraging text from friends and family can make all the difference to let them know that YES, YOU CAN!

So when Acer America, one of the world’s leading information and communications technology firms, asked us last year how they could support Pivotal’s foster youth community, the timing was just right to launch the Finals Care Package Volunteer Project. Acer was all in to help us support our college scholars who would soon be in the midst of finals while deftly balancing the tough juggling act of part-time or full-time work and school. “Acer’s mission is to break down barriers between people and technology and anything that we can do to empower our local community is something we’re excited about doing,” said Richard Black, VP of Marketing at Acer America.

Finals Care Package

The company organized a team of 20 amazing volunteers who spent half of a workday at our office assembling 100 Finals Care Packages for our college scholars. Each box consisted of 15 ‘finals essentials’ such as  Emergen-C packets to stay healthy, cookies because all our scholars are “Smart Cookies,” popcorn so the right answer ‘pops’ into their heads during exams, notecards they could turn into flashcards and that would help remember notes “in a flash,” the ever-popular Hot Cheetos which keeps students alert, and a Starbucks gift card to keep them caffeinated. Oh, and our Acer friends also wrote fun notes of encouragement to each scholar before they labeled and taped up all 100 care packages. Our Pivotal team then shipped off all 100 boxes so they’d arrive during finals week at each school.

Curious how Acer’s thoughtful gesture made our college scholars feel? “OMG (that means, Oh my goodness!), thank you so much!! That box made my whole day, week and entire existence!” said one Pivotal scholar. It proves the adage that when doing something for others, it’s the thought that counts.

Do you want to be just like Acer? Well, finals come around every year! Contact us now to find out how your company can support Pivotal’s 500 scholars in 2020. Your support, no matter how great or small, helps them to create the life they want and serves as a reminder that their community believes in them.

Watch how Acer  supports Pivotal foster youth!